It is Custom Lettering

To choose a lettering for a design can be the best choice, sometimes. More character, more charm, more expression – of course, if it is wanted. You can emphasize motion, energy and message in a way, a font could not do.

A collection of letterings I designed for different purposes and clients. With love.



There are many ways to learn to letter yourself. If you want to learn it my way, start with my blog posts about blackletter and experimental lettering.

All posts are in german language (a translation will follow later) and were at first published on the Red Bug Culture Blog of the Red Bug Books Publisher.

It is a personal but creative workshop series, that could change your view on type a little bit.

[A list of online lettering workshop material I created over the last years. At first, they were published at the blog of the publisher Red Bug Books. The posts describe the basics of lettering design and furthermore more personal perspectives on letter design.


Lettering Animation

Combining movement with letters is a fascinating thing. There are a thousand ways to make type move. Yes, analog approaches, but I am most interested in the advantages you get with browsers (CSS animation, hover events, and so on).

Here are two examples: A responsive lettering, made with a Robofont extension (by Erik von Blokland).

And a variable font I designed. It is made for animation purposes.