Type and Film

Film title design, production logos, type props

Designing type for film and animation is simple as it is complex. Type and lettering are used in many ways – it ranges from pure film title design inside of a movie or music video (film logo, credits, in-between titles) to film marketing-related material (Film Posters, Merch, Social Media). It makes sense to connect all these things, to achieve an even visual tone, and to vocalize the atmosphere of the film.

[Film and animation has a connection to type. It is tool to present information (seperatly like the names of cast and crew or as a active part of the expression of the movie).]

[A collection of film related type work. It contains production and film logos, film titles, thumbnails for video platforms etc.]

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Film Related Projects

Logo Design
2020, Simon Jacobsen, Lukas Sweetwood – Music Videos, Social Media
(with iffy Studio)

Film Titles
2019, Leonard Carow – Short
(with iffy Studio)

Film Titles and printed Material
2018, Anne Münch – Movie

Yoga mit Amber
Logo Design
2018, Amber Bongard – Youtube Channel
(with iffy Studio)

Beer Jesus
Film Titles
2017, Sweetwoodfilm – Documentary Feature

Logo Design
2017, Lichtspielfarm – Movie Production Company

Film Titles, Custom Typeface
2017, Amber Bongard/Leonard Carow/Lukas Sweetwood – Short

Film Titles and printed Material
2017, Peter Jeschke, Jens Wagner – Short

Film Titles
2017, Jonas Riemer – Animation Short

Customer Journey
Film Titles
2016, Josephine Wolff, José Rojas, Jan Schulz – Animation Short

Three Lonely Rangers
Film Titles, Custom Typeface
2016, Leonard Carow – Music Video

Type Props
2016, Tarantula OKeV – Theatre Play

Full Circle/Travels
Type Animations
2016, Luke Wake – Music Video

Maximum & Liebe
Film Titles
2016, Martin Balster – Documentary Feature

Film Titles
2015, Josephine Wolff, José Rojas, Jan Schulz – Short

Casa Transylvano
Film Titles
2015, Amber Bongard,Leonard Carow – Short

Film Titles
2015, Amber Bongard,Lukas Sweetwood – Short

From The land of Myth & Mist
Film Titles, Logo Design
2014 to 2016, Leonard Carow – Web series

Web type animation

One way is to set text statically for regular typographic use. Another way is to animate type. I am fascinated by the undiscovered areas of animated type in web applications.

Myzel Typeface

Therefore I made a few research projects, like the variable font Myzel, which is also used on this website. The moving font (with the help of algorithms and CSS) you can see here:

→ See it move!

Responsive Lettering

To explore web animated fonts further, this is an example, made with an extension for a type editor which was written by Erik von Blokland. If you resize your browser window you can see that the letter behaves responsive.

→ See it move!