A collection of insightful material I created and gathered over the last few years.

Online Lette­ring Work­shop

in German language

A list of online lettering workshop material I created over the last few years. An invitation to play with letter forms and to find a personal voice designing them.
At first, they were published at the blog of the publisher Red Bug Books. The posts describe the basics of letter design and furthermore more personal perspectives on letter design (like a special tour through experimental blackletter type). A translation into English will follow.

Type Interviews

Also listening is a part of learning. Therefore I was interested in people, who have something to say about type.

It is a interview series that started at the TYPO Berlin conference in 2016.

→ fragenziehen interviews on the TYPO Talks blog

The TYPO Berlin is not anymore. Consequently the format will continue on this website:

→ fragenziehen Website


During my education, studying at the FHP Potsdam and at the KABK The Hague in the Netherlands, I wrote some thesis that I want to share. I referenced my sources. But please contact me if you find a mistake somewhere.

Master Thesis

My master thesis is a font project. But actually, it is more than that. It is investigating the movement of letter shapes and how you can implement them into a variable font.

→ Download Pdf

Bachelor Thesis

My bachelor thesis is a font project, too. It is a research in custom font design for specific devices. In this case for Ereader. It is a cooperation with the Red Bug Books publisher.

→ Download Pdf


An essay on designing design spaces for variable fonts (2021).

→ Download Pdf