Myzel Type­face

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Check out some variable font features of Myzel. It works for body text (mild version), yes, like you see on this webiste. But the real magic happens in the other style (the wild version):
It moves!

Myzel wild

Myzel mild

Myzel mild and wild crossed

Myzel wild with two Axes

Myzel is made for browser usage.

This example is animated by CSS and Javascript.

Test Myzel yourself

Examples for Mobile Devices



These animations are done with javascript (thanks Noud Liefrink and Dinamo Foundry for the code!).

Examples for Desktop Devices

Hover above the big words below and click on them! Just works for DESKTOP, not for mobile.





These examples are for desktop usage, because you can use CSS properties like :hover or :active.

The variable font was designed during the TypeMedia course (20/21) by Lukas Horn.

The font contains three parallel interpolations, that can be connected to each other:

Thanks to all people that gave advice and helped out (a list will follow)!